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Rugged Smartphone

Rugged Smart Phones & Tablets

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Rugged Tablet

Rugged Smartphone

Rugged Mobile Phone

Rugged Smartphone

Imagine there would be a rugged smartphone especially built to withstand the toughest outdoor environments and extreme handling. So you can use all futuristic technological features in your daily life and also optimize your business data, with the latest technical specifications inside and extreme robustness you can use it in any type of situation and weather condition?

Robust & Rugged Smartphone

Then you need the one and only very rugged smartphone: The X-Tel 9000. The X-Tel 9000 is a one of the most rugged and robust IP68/IPX8 Android rugged smartphone on the todays market. Is a very strong, and most effective waterproof phone, also called a phablet; a combination of a smartphone and a tablet.

Gorilla Glass Smartphone

The X-Tel 9000 is a large model rugged smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5. This smartphone comes with a 5.0 inch HD touch screen, which can be operated even when you are wearing gloves and also when it is raining. This rugged smartphone is also fully waterproof and shockproof and has a protective and splash-protected screen of Gorilla Glass 2.0. Gorilla Glass is the best a man can get nowadays.

Industrial & Business Rugged Smartphone

As an extra, this rugged smartphone still comes with 32 GB of storage memory. The price and quality ratio of this rugged smartphone is really outstanding. The best quality for the best price. This rugged smartphone is not only ideal for your extreme sports but also ideal for businesses you can use this X-Tel smartphone for your cooperate calendar, construction blueprint, logistic data capture or make from your rugged smartphone an Android based POS system.

It can be said that this extraordinary smartphone is created for highly performance.

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